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Homeopathy As Alternative Medicine – Holistic Approach to Treatment

Homeopathy is an alternative medicine system pioneered and developed by a German physician, Samuel Hahnemann, around the end of the 18th century. It is a science of acknowledging the wholeness of a person, not just the ailments or problems- but the mind, body, spirit, soul and psychology of a person affected when there is illness […]

Neck Traction: For A Very Holistic Approach Towards Healing

The neck comforter is a new innovation; it’s a device that provides clinical grade traction. By using it, you can easily soothe the muscles by stretching, and heal even severe neck pain. This works towards improving your posture, decompresses the spine and greatly improves the circulation, especially between your neck and head, and between your […]

Osteoarthritis – Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment

Osteoarthritis (OA), also known as degenerative arthritis, is a type of arthritis that is caused by the breakdown and eventual loss of the cartilage of one or more joints. Most cases of osteoarthritis are age related and have no known cause; and are referred to as having primary osteoarthritis. This is due to loss of […]

How Should the VA Rate a Veteran’s Service-Connected Arthritis?

One of the more common medical conditions that military veterans seek to have service-connected is arthritis of the knees. It should come as no surprise, then, that one of the most common errors that the VA makes is failing to properly rate arthritis of the knees. Here is a general summary of how you can […]

The Pros And Cons of Magnetic Jewelry Clasps

There are lots of different types of jewelry clasp available to buy if you are making your own jewelry. The type of clasp which you buy will often depend upon what sort of jewelry you are making, and who is the target audience of your item of jewelry. Although everyone has their own personal favorite […]

The Magnetic Lure of the Aquamarine Engagement Ring

For those who love the color blue, a blue that conjures up visions of the sea in its entire splendor, an Aquamarine engagement ring is the perfect choice. Not as dark as the sapphire, the aquamarine gemstone is a unique blue-hued stone. Colored gemstone engagement rings are becoming the choice of many couples looking for […]

The History and Legend of Magnets

Magnetism was discovered thousands of years ago, and magnets have been used for many purposes ever since. However, there is a great deal of mystery and controversy surrounding the discovery of magnetism. We’ll explore some of the various legends about magnets, including how they were discovered and some of their first uses. Around approximately 2500 […]

Powerful Natural Healing Supplements and Superfoods From the Earth

Let’s face it, shady marketers are everywhere trying to prey on your insecurities and rape your wallet. They know that humans love pleasure and hate pain, and also that us Americans will pay top dollar for a quick fix! I mean the second someone says quick, easy, no effort required, just minutes per day, we […]

3 Useful Benefits of Visiting a Naturopath

Making an appointment with a naturopath has the potential to offer a wide range of benefits to the all-round health and well-being. A naturopath will create a bespoke treatment plan that is based on many different natural and complementary medicines to help treat an illness. This type of treatment option is favored by those seeking […]

Bloody Well Might Try It – Homeopathy and Bleeds

Bleeding to the point of hemorrhaging can be an alarming event. Homeopathy, however, has a history of aborting a bleed with unusual speed and without side effects. It does so gently, politely and firmly. The idea behind homeopathy is that our body is capable of coming to balance (health) if given the correct stimulus. This […]

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