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HOUSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Houston-based biotechnology company Celltex Therapeutics Corporation is

proud to announce a partnership with the Arthritis Foundation South

Central Region. The coming together of these organizations marks a

milestone for the future of regenerative medicine for people who are

living with arthritis.

Founded in 2011by David Eller and internationally-known spine

surgeon, Dr. Stanley Jones, Celltex has been generating breakthroughs in

the autologous (one’s own) stem cell field to improve the quality of

life for those suffering from injuries or vascular, degenerative and

autoimmune diseases like arthritis. In an effort to help those with

arthritis discover a new treatment option, Celltex has partnered with

the Arthritis Foundation South Central Region, an organization that

represents millions of people who are living with arthritis – some of

whom have found relief in the use of their own stem cells.

The Arthritis Foundation continues to support new and more effective

interventions to fight arthritis. “We are excited about the

groundbreaking advancements in adult stem cell research leading toward

new treatments and therapies for arthritis patients,” says Fiona

Cunningham, director of community advancement for the Arthritis

Foundation South Central Region. We are proud and honored to partner

with Celltex and companies like them who demonstrate their commitment to

bring the future of stem cell technology for arthritis and related

diseases to the United States.”

Scientists and researchers have long seen mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs)

as an attractive candidate for cell-based therapy for the treatment of

arthritis, due to the anti-inflammatory and immunologic properties of

MSCs. Celltex utilizes a patented processing and banking method that

ensures the integrity and uniformity of an individual’s MSCs, which are

then multiplied in volumes never before possible, allowing for the

creation of quantities necessary for therapeutic applications. The

company processes and banks the cells, then releases the cells to a

licensed physician in an approved facility for use in stem cell therapy.

“Celltex and the Arthritis Foundation have come together because of our

shared mission, which is to help reduce the unacceptable pain,

disability and other burdens of arthritis and related diseases. My own

personal experience with autoimmune arthritis nearly ended my career.

After facing so much failure with conventional medicine, it was only by

receiving my own stem cells that I finally found relief. Four months

after receiving therapy, I had my life back. I returned to work and my

normal schedule, and I was inspired to bring this technology to the

United States to help people who share my story,” says Celltex Chief

Medical Officer, Dr. Stanley Jones.

The three states and nine offices of the South Central Region of the

Arthritis Foundation work to improve the lives of more than 5.1 million

adults and children who struggle every day with this serious health


Striking one in every five adults and 300,000 children, arthritis is the

nation’s leading cause of disability. The Arthritis Foundation (www.arthritis.org)

is committed to raising awareness and reducing the impact of this

serious, painful and unacceptable disease, which can severely damage

joints and rob people of living life to its fullest. The Foundation

funds life-changing research that has restored mobility in patients for

more than six decades; fights for health care policies that improve the

lives of the millions who live with arthritis; and partners with

families to provide empowering programs and information.

Celltex Therapeutics Corporation is a private biotechnology

company dedicated to generating breakthroughs in regenerative medicine,

specifically in the autologous stem cell field, to effectively improve

the quality of life for those suffering from injuries or vascular,

autoimmune and degenerative disease. Based in Houston, Texas, Celltex is

leading the United States into the future of regenerative medicine with

its exclusive technology that precisely isolates, multiplies and stores

individuals’ own adult adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) for

use in stem cell therapy. MSCs are taken directly from an individual’s

fat in a simple procedure performed by a licensed U.S. physician. The

cells are then sent to a Celltex laboratory where they are processed,

multiplied to therapeutic levels and banked. When the patient is in need

of their own stem cells, Celltex releases the cells to independent

physicians in approved facilities in Mexico who administer the safe and

effective stem cell therapy in a state-of-the-art facility. Celltex is

committed to expanding the use of adult stem cell therapy for all and is

currently working with leading American academic institutions on several

clinical trials that will help secure the future of regenerative

medicine here in the United States. For more information about Celltex

Therapeutics Corporation, please visit www.celltexbank.com.

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