CieAura Review – What is This Chip and is it For Real?

A quick and simple review of a new company product development in its infancy called CieAura Transparent Holographic Chips. Fiction or Fact?

At first glance it might be difficult to recognize the value of the CieAura Chip. It has the appearance of being basically a clear but colorful decal with a sticky backing to it. But as you investigate the science behind it, you begin to understand its broader implications and usages. What you have basically is the physical science of the ages coupled with 3000 year old Chinese medicinal practices being reinvented in the 21st century with laser and holographic technology.

Everyone wants relief from pain, lets face it. There’s not a single person I know that would prefer to be continually in pain and not seek relief. However, one of the issues facing most of us is the need for a doctors visit, issuance of a prescription and limitations on the job due to the side effects associated with that prescription. Not to mention the associated cost involved if you don’t have good insurance.

Transparent Holographic Chip:

– No prescription necessary for the purchase of product in unlimited supply.

– No chemical transference into the body? No chemical component. For those of you with safety sensitive jobs that rely on periodical drug testing.

– Works with your body’s bio-magnetic field to enhance its ability to function at peak performance.

– Customers have commented on feeling the results almost immediately especially.

– Cost roughly $55 dollars for a one month supply if your not a member. Where to place the product on you once you have it in front of you, “How Do You Use It”, is included in the packaging that it’s deliver in.

– You must hydrate thoroughly, drink lots of water, 8-10 glasses a day. Now I mean H20 “water” not beer, soda, tea or your favorite beverage. That might possibly mean some frequent visits to the bathroom as well. Just something to consider in your daily activities.

-Issues with Decals can potentially come off when bathing or changing clothes. No worries you’re given some extras.


As with any new an expanding company CieAura looks to challenge the other health and wellness companies out there competing for your business. With the opportunity to become a retailer you can enroll customers and receive commissions. This starting point will roughly cost you $39 and $39 a month on auto-ship for the product. As you progress you are able to receive additional paid commissions and bonuses on the rise within the CieAura compensation plan.

Source by Mark Pepper

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