Demystifying Homeopathy: 5 Points


Unlike, most of the rest of the world, the United States focuses on allopathic medicine, rather than wellness, and using a combination of alternative / natural medicine. One of the oldest, most widely used, alternative medicines, is known, as homeopathy, and, although, most have heard of it, and recognize the term, very few, truly, understand, its core and essence. Homeopathy is a system, of medical practice, that treats diseases, by administrating minor amounts of certain elements, that, in a healthy person, might produce, symptoms of the disease (if administered in larger doses). Isn't it odd, although, the concept of vaccinations, is largely accepted and acceptable to most, and it uses, a similar philosophy, of enhancing the body's, own, immune system, to resist, specific diseases, in this nation, most , do not view homeopathics , in a like – manner? With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly, demystify, homeopathy, using 5 main points.

1. Body's immune system: Allopathy focuses on treating symptoms, rather than emphasizing the reasons / cause of the illness / disease. Perhaps, if our focus, was, far more, on making our bodies, stronger, etc, we would create, an enhanced, stronger, immune system, in order to resist, in a more effective way, the possible causes, etc.

2. Less – is – more !: One of the prevailing principles of homeopathic medicine, is, less – is – more! Unlike allopathic treatments, which focus on the size and strength / dosage, of certain medicines / remedies, homeopathy believes, the mere, introduction, of smaller, properly prepared doses, make the remedies, more effective, and effective.

3. Quality matters: When it comes to homeopathic remedies, quality matters! Since, these are over – the – counter, or OTC, remedies, one must selectively, choose, which ones, to use. There are certain companies, especially European ones, with years of proven, quality, production, and compliance, and, therefore, one should use these.

4. Do no harm: Physicians are taught, a basic principle is, to, do, no harm! While allopathic medicines, generally have side effects, as do, most herbal remedies, etc, properly made, manufactured, and prepared, homeopathic ones, do not have side – effects, or harmful reactions!

5. Know when to try it, and when, not to: While I have used these remedies, for decades, and believe, strongly, in their effects, and safety, I would recommend, they would be used, as preliminary treatments, for somewhat , minor ailments, etc, and not for serious, conditions, such as cancer, etc.

The more you know, the better off, you'll be! Therefore, does it make sense to explore and understand the alternatives?

Source by Richard Brody

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