Eleven Hair Loss Myths

Eleven Myths of Hair Loss

Their appearance is important to a lot of people. Whenever there is worry, myths abound, many of which are age-old. Here are the myths, the truth and the fiction.

Myth 1 – Brushing grows it, combing loses it?

The idea is that brushing stimulates the scalp circulation, and combing through tangles can pull out at the scalp. Ultimately these actions are of no consequence. It grows back because combing does not damage the follicles below the skin. Brushing or even massaging so little to improve blood circulation to the scalp. It is better to use a low level laser to achieve the stimulation that makes biological sense.

Myth 2 – Loss caused by mother’s genes? Common baldness is inheritance can be found on the autosomal – the non sex-related chromosomes. That means baldness is inherited from either parent – not necessarily just the mother’s. It is a dominant gene, which means that one only needs one gene on one chromosome to express the balding trait, although multiple gene appear to influence the balding process.

Myth 3 – Loss caused by wearing hats too frequently

Follicles get their oxygen supply from the bloodstream. So wearing a hat does nor suffocate the follicle.

However, hats that fit too tightly cause constant traction around the sides of the head, resulting in thinning in those areas. This applies also to turbans and yarmulkes.

Myth 4 – Losing it causes baldness

Losing your crowning glory is only part of the story. We lose about 100 a day but these are constantly replaced. However, hair will thin if it is progressively replaced by something finer and thinner.This process is called minituarization. Over time, this leads to baldness. Therefore it is not so much what we lose (unless it suddenly gets worse) but the kind of replacement that our body is generating.

Myth 5 – Chemicals and hot irons destroys

This is different from completely killing off the hair permanently. As long as the follicle underneath the skin is not destroyed, it will continue its growth of 0.5 inch per month.

However, certain caustic chemicals that are carelessly applied that work their way to the growing follicles at their roots can kill the follicles. The longer these chemicals stay on the scalp, the greater the possibility of permanent hair damage. Hair chemicals and hot irons do not kill the hair, it is the wrong usage that does it.

Myth 6 – Decreased blood flow cause

Hair loss is not caused by decreased blood flow. Loss causes decrease blood flow to the hair follicle. This is the reason that hair transplant procedures work. When good hair is placed into a bald scalp with decreased blood flow, the blood returns when the hair starts growing. Hair loss occurs before blood flow decreases. Therefore it is a further myth that standing on your head improves growth because of increased blood flow.

Myth 7 – Can we grow with the use of magnets?

Magnetic therapy holds that magnetic field can improve blood flow and hence is a remedy for going thin on top. From above, I have explained that blood flow has no impact on hair growth or loss. Without needing to prove whether magnetic therapy improves blood circulation, we can assume that magnets have no impact on growth or loss.

Myth 8 – Cutting this will make it grow back thicker?

I have witnessed new parents shaving their babies heads in the hope that their children would be blessed with thicker hair later. All this does is to produce bald headed babies (until it grows again). This myth comes about from when it’s newly cut (being shorter) feeling scratchier than before. It is not thicker; it only feels so.

Myth 9 – Clogged pores causes loss?

There is a healthy business being built around the idea that clogged pores cause hair loss. They provide services around massaging hair and “treating” the clogged hair follicle to allow the hair to come through the skin. These services cost between $200 to $500 per month.

Hair loss and baldness are caused by your genetic profile or diseases. There are many communities around the world that live with scalps that are seldom cleaned but have no less incidence of balding heads than “cleaner” communities. All the scalp massages and application of lotions to unclog the pores do to you is to make your scalp feel good.

Myth 10 – Frequent shampooing can cause more hair loss?

Spotting hair on the shower floor can easily lead one to believe that frequent shampooing causes more hair to fall. All the shampooing does is transferring fallen hair from the head to the floor (we lose about 100 hair a day). Fallen hair is mainly a hereditary factor.

Myth 11 – Hair loss will stop when we get older

Hair loss does not stop when we get older. It slows down because we have less hair left to lose. In fact, hair loss often accelerates as women lose the protective hormone estrogen, especially during and after menopause.

Source by Peter MacNeil

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