Magnet Earrings – The Anti-Stress Pair of Earrings

Stress can ruin anyone’s day with consequences including fatigue, headaches, and body pains. While you can search for temporary relief for these side effects, you should be better off searching for a solution to ward off stress instead. With that in mind, you can try magnet earrings.

Basically, they are ornaments with spring enclosure systems and small, round double magnets. Wearing them is convenient and easy even if you do not have pierced ears. They work based on magnet therapy with benefits that include relief from headaches and stress, and healing arthritis, body pains, sprains, and bruises.

Different colors and styles

Magnet earrings are available in yellow gold, platinum, sterling silver, or white gold variants that can be adorned with crystals, precious stones, pearls, and plastic beads. You can find them in styles like hoop, drop, and stud. Stud earrings have magnetic backings while drop earrings have 2 magnetic backings that boast a rating of 1,200 Gauss. Drop earrings can also be plated with rhodium that lends them a bright, white appearance. On the other hand, magnetic hoop earrings have ear clips attached to a spring system to keep the magnets in their proper place. Each magnet has a rating of 1,000 Gauss, and they are inserted on every earring’s flat backside.

A relaxed fit for a relaxing day

Clip-on earrings are usually shunned by some people because of the discomfort that comes along when wearing them. But while, magnet earrings often come in clip-on styles, make sure you fit them first to ensure that you’re comfortable with wearing your choice. Opt for a relaxed fit to avoid numbness and pain especially if you want to wear them for an entire day. That way, you won’t have to worry about the earrings stressing you out because of the pain they are causing to your ears.

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