Magnetic Copper Bracelets – Relief Finally?

Millions of individuals suffering from chronic joint pain, rheumatism and arthritis may finally find relief with magnetic copper bracelets. Several manufacturers have created designs featuring function and fashion with principles that date back thousands of years ago. Discover more about the combination of copper and magnets and how to pick the right one for your physical needs.

Why Copper?

Copper was initially used by the ancient Greeks and Romans after discovering that there seems to be noticeable beneficial effects on long term pain and other joint and muscle problems. Old civilizations have relied on magnetic fields for many purposes especially healing. As the years passed, other metals were also introduced and magnetized to properly provide magnetic forces that create environmental balance in the body. Copper continued to be sported by many star athletes and celebrities in the modern era which explains why the trend as well as the therapeutic principles behind still remains to this day.

Magnetic copper bracelets come in many styles and forms such as chain links and wraps and in simpler versions like cuffs. Copper is generally preferred by most people since its effects are believed to be more effective and potent compared to other elements like gold and silver. Copper is also considerably lightweight and very easy to work with so the bracelets can be worn anytime and anywhere. People then can expect faster and more noticeable results if they wear the pieces for longer periods of time. Copper is recommended to be placed near the affected areas.

Copper Designs

Skilled craftsmen and jewelers have made very attractive versions of magnetic copper bracelets so people get to have the best of both worlds by gaining therapeutic effects aside from the elegant luster on their wrists. Copper can be crafted and shaped into forms and patterns according to the specifications of the buyer. There are golf copper bracelets, hammered copper bracelets and other figures uniquely taking the form of a whip, vines or snake.

Getting More Stylish

More intricate designs include the addition of hematite beads and magnetic charms which also increases the overall gauss of the magnets. Some magnetic copper bracelets can reach up to 15,000 to 20,000 gauss. Other precious metals may be added like gold, silver and titanium. These can be meshed together creating a beautiful synchrony of colors and tones. Text and patterns may be engraved for a more dramatic effect. The good thing about copper bracelets is their waterproof properties so there’s no need to remove when taking a shower or going for a dip.

There are sporty styles like the golf and tennis copper bracelets which come in quite handy for individuals prone to carpal tunnel syndrome and wrist anomalies. Sabona magnetic copper bracelets never go out of vogue for those who prefer a more versatile design. These can comfortably and fashionably be worn in any casual, semi-formal and formal occasion.

Price and Warranty

The price of magnetic copper bracelets depends on the size of the bracelet, the details and strength of the magnets. More powerful magnets do not increase the total price significantly except for the addition of more copper and other metals. You can find affordable models for as low as $17 which comes with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. Very stylish and intricate designs will cost you a few more hundred dollars.

Source by Susan Barcelon

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