The Key to Green Tea Natural Healing

If you’re shopping for green tea natural healing products, you might want to know a little more about them. As with anything else, some of the products that are on the market are better than others.

Drinking green tea is better for your health than drinking coffee or black teas, because the caffeine content is lower and the antioxidant content is much higher. Antioxidants are nutrients that are necessary to neutralize free radicals, within the cells of the body. Free radical damage plays a role in cancer and other diseases that are commonly seen in the elderly.

Oxidation is actually one of the causes of aging, itself. If oxidation did not occur, then nothing in the environment would ever breakdown, but we don’t want to hurry the process along.

The natural products that are on the market vary for several reasons. First of all, the potency and nutritional content of plants of the same species vary greatly. Manufacturers should test the raw ingredients for potency before processing and be sure that processing does not further decrease the potency.

The claims made by green tea natural healing supplements include a reduced risk of breast and prostate cancer. In the US, those claims are considered “qualified health claims”, as long as they are properly worded, so as not to mislead the customer.

The supplement forms contain far less caffeine than the beverages that you find on the market. So, if you are sensitive to caffeine, supplements would be a better choice.

The better supplements contain a variety of antioxidants, as well as the co-factors necessary for your body to absorb them. Some green tea natural healing supplements cannot provide the desired results, because they do not contain the enzymes necessary for the body to use the antioxidants. A multi-nutritional supplement is your best choice.

Source by Tyler J. Steele

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