Ultra Long Wave Magnetic Therapy

Ultra Long Wave Magnetic Therapy uses electromagnetic waves that contain similar fields with our Earth. In addition, Magnetic Ultra Long Wave produces higher density wave to improve our organs’ functions.

Professor T Fujiyama, after successfully conducting tests on plants, discovered that the waves are capable of penetrating all kinds of matter, including non-conductors such as wood, glass and rubber. As such, it can penetrate the human body and stimulates the cells.

It improves the nervous system and internal functions of cells.

His theory includes:

1) Our cell’s magnetic pole is the same as the waves from Magnetic Therapy. This causes a push between the two. Thus it results in increased productivity in the cells.

2) The ionized blood cells will become more active and its blood will flow more smoothly. Therefore, it improves the healing of wounds.

3) Magnetic Ultra Long Wave produces 60 vibrations per second to revive inactive lymph and immune system.

Experiments have shown that this Magnetic Therapy increases the growth rate of small animals. It also increases the diameter of its capillaries up to twice its size to lower the blood pressure. The functions of Magnetic Ultra Long Wave include:

1) Penetrates our body to uproot the cause of sickness

2) Gives heat to the body and stimulate the metabolism of cells.

3) Improve blood circulation by vibrating the red blood cells

4) Stimulates the synthesis of new and old cells. It improves body’s immune system.

5) Improve healing process together with intake of medicine.

6) Take care of kidneys and enhance hormone excretion

Ultra Long Wave Magnetic Therapy enhances the cell’s immunization against radiation. For more than ten years, Magnetic Therapy has been used to improve patients suffering from high blood pressure, apoplexy, heart diseases, asthma, unstable hormone secretion and fractured bones. Today Magnetic Ultra Long Wave can be used for almost any ailment.

This type of therapy does not produce any side effect. On the other hand, one may feel the following after receiving this therapy:

1) Feel refreshed with active metabolism

2) Adequate blood circulation and ample oxygen

3) Fights fatigue and improve body immune system

4) Clears discomforts such as headaches and phlegm

5) More stamina, better concentration and healthier body

Professor Ouchi of Taiwan National University, Dr Tulai and Pohtolei, lab biologist of New York University and Showa University of Japan, found that Ultra Long Wave Magnetic Therapy produces amazing results. They used this therapy on their patients with chronic diseases.

Source by James Pang

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