Zerosmoke – Say Bye to Smoking

Quitting smoking might seem be one of the toughest things you'll ever do. But eventually with practice it gets easier. Studies have shown that every time you attempt to quit, you increase your chances of quitting for good. But in order to improve your chances of quitting, it is always advisable to take the help of an appropriate quitting aid.

Quitting smoking does not come easily and needs a lot of courage, discipline and will power. There are lots of quit smoking aids available off the counter these days. Many methods have been used to help quit smoking, such as changing the taste of tobacco; stop smoking diets that curb nicotine cravings, and combinations of vitamins. But you should be able to decide which method will suit you best or will help you. There are various nicotine replacement therapies available but there is another therapy that strikes a chord with many who want to quit and that is Zerosmoke.

Zerosmoke works on the concept of Acupressure. The aim of the treatment is to relax the smoker and release endorphins (pain relief substances that are made naturally by the body) to reproduce the effects of nicotine in the brain. Zerosmoke is a product that consists of two magnets.

Zerosmoke is different than the traditional method of nicotine gum. Nicotine gum is one form of replacement in which nicotine is taken in through the mouth. However it can have possible side effects such as throat irritation, mouth sores, hiccups, nausea etc.

Another form of nicotine replacement therapy is a Nicotine patch. The patches provide a precise dose of nicotine through the skin. However these patches too are not free from side effects. Anybody using them has a likeliness of suffering from skin irritation – redness and itching. There is a tendency to feel dizzy also leading to nausea and vomiting. People using nicotine patches have also complained of sleep problems and unusual dreams.

Zerosmoke is free from all these side effects. Zerosmoke based on the auricular therapy comprises of two bio-magnets that create pressure point on the outer ear. These magnets just have to be placed on the outer ear without piercing through the skin. It is as simple as that. Two small magnets are putting pressure on a point on the ear, easing the craving for cigarette smoking. The simplicity of this product has created ripples of doubts among many.

Certain caution does need to be taken for using Zerosmoke. People who use pacemakers, defibrillators, implanted insulin pumps, or any other form of electro-medical devices should not use Zerosmoke. Pregnant women should also refrain from using Zerosmoke. Keep magnets at a distance from computer disks, audio / video tapes, and credit cards. Also these magnets should be kept out of reach from children for the fear of swallowing. If these precautions are taken, there are only positives to this product.

Source by Christopher Schwebius

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