Magnetic Jewelry: Therapeutic or Fabrication? You Decide

Magnet Therapy is an age-old practice of many civilizations and was mentioned in the ancient writings of many cultures. It is now undergoing a popular revival; this is in large part due to the development of modern magnetic rare-earth minerals and is also due to the increasing use of magnet materials in the field of sports medicine.

Magnetic Therapy has become a popular alternative treatment method for many conditions, especially in regards to relieving pain and encouraging the healing of injuries. Magnetic therapy is well accepted in Japan, China, India, Australia and Germany. There is growing interest from other countries including Great Britain, Holland, Canada and the United States.

It is thought that magnetic jewelry works in two ways. The first is that the magnetism of the jewelry increases the conductivity of the blood, in particular by increasing the quantity of ions. The newly ionized blood then circulates throughout the body improving oxygenation to the cell tissues, contributing to the efficiency of blood flow. The quality and efficiency of the blood flow around the body has a major impact on our general health, fitness and vitality. The second way the magnetic therapy works is that magnets are said to create an electrical current, which induces nerve stimulation in the body, nudging the body to release its own natural painkillers.

Bear in mind that people who wear electrical or electronic medical devices (e.g. a pacemaker, insulin pump, etc) or any type of metal implant should not wear this type of magnet jewelry.

Having a herniated disc in my neck, I deal with much pain and stiffness in the fall when the weather gets colder or if the atmospheric pressure changes. I’ve done a bit of research on magnetic jewelry and its boasting of pain therapy. I’ve come up with many conflicting articles but mostly articles showing that there is no scientific proof that magnet therapy works. But, anyone with neck or back pain will tell you that they will try anything to alleviate the pain and I’m no exception. I wanted to see for myself, knowing that the worst that would happen is that I would have a nice necklace to wear.

I decided to see about this magnet therapy for myself, so I did a bunch of research on the different type of magnetic jewelry out there. I’ll be honest, I purchased the Accents Kingdom Women’s Magnetic Hematite Necklace first because it was inexpensive, had four stars, and the reviews were good. One review even claimed it took away headaches, so as a person who periodically gets migraines, I was sold. This necklace had approximately 600 Gauss for each magnet.

In that first month of wearing the necklace, I found a little bit of relief. This necklace clearly did not take away the pain in my neck but to me, a little bit of relief is better than no relief. This brought me to wondering that since this necklace helped a bit, maybe a magnetic necklace with higher Gauss Magnets would help more. On that note, I ended up researching jewelry with stronger magnets and found just what I was looking for.

My next experimental purchase was the Titanium 4 Element Magnetic Therapy Necklace. This necklace has 3000 Gauss Magnets and states it increases your overall energy level. It boasted powerful magnets that help with headache relief, improvement in blood circulation, and a more restful sleep. Again, I cannot honestly say in this article that the necklace took my pain completely away, but I can tell you that it did sooth the amount of pain and decreased the stiffness considerably in my neck. I will also mention that I did get enough relief to make having them worth it. I now have 4 of them all with different looks.

Do you have experience with Magnet Therapy? I’d love to hear what experiences others have had!

Source by Nicole Lawler

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