Psoriasis Treatment With CeNoMeD Therapy – Effective On All Types Of Psoriasis And To All

CeNoMeD Therapy

Center for Non Medicinal Wellness Devices, or in short CeNoMeD has phonetic pronunciation which resembles “see no medicine”.

I am, K.S.S.Kumar, Director of CeNoMeD. This CeNoMeD therapy is my brain child. I was directly or indirectly involved in practice of Magneto therapy for about 20 years (I do not have any academic medical qualification). During this tenure, I came across various occasions, and made suitable devices for an apt matching for the ailment.

In the year 2002 I was seriously affected by Psoriasis and this became a big obstruction for my career. This embarrassing situation led me to switch over many types of medicines and treatments and therapies. But the results were short lived and in some situations the scales reappeared with more vigour. I suffered mental agony and physically so embarrassed that I was in a desperate position. I got frustrated and disgusted with medicines for the simple reason, a person like me with a good ethical life, medical background and experience had to face such an embarrassing situation, and what if this comes to a common man or non medical man, what would be the situation.

This aroused interest in me to tackle / challenge Psoriasis, and I made my body as a specimen. I started to recollect all the things I have used in past. Summarized each and every aspect and came to an inference that most of the so far known therapies and treatments are based on chemistry of the body with a little approach to the aspect of mind and in most cases the compatibility is a surprise for the patient / doctor. Or to say it is his / her luck. But a relief from ailments should not be by choice or fortune. Though most of the medicines respond to some extent, the doctor and the patient are not totally confident to what extent they could anticipate the results.

Due to my experience and knowledge in magneto therapy, I strongly believe that “metabolism is an electro chemical process influenced by known and unknown stimuli’ and hence treating Psoriasis should be carried on these lines than just either with medicines or with radiation (PUVA etc) or other means. I had to convince my own people to proceed in these lines as I have to try on myself (I was a bachelor at that time). Finally after 2 years of my trails I had practically controlled it. Now I can subside the conditions or see the scales don’t appear and I can even make them reappear with much vigour or in fact I can enrage it. All my people got convinced about my trials. I have started practically applying to others, with a success rate that even the pessimistic patients started believing that they are becoming free from scales and thanked me.

The biggest surprise is that I treat all types of Psoriasis without medicines (oral Medicare). I use supplements of herbal or organic origin for oral use. Externally I give a Herbo mineral oil. A suitable set of magnetic devices which are tailor made are given to the patient. These devices are not to be used for any similar patient as they give out devastating / dangerous results.

I follow the principle of “Ashtadigbhandhana” and take no chances of leaving a corner for the condition to reappear. I have adopted certain principles from Ayurveda, Bio-electricity, Chakra therapy and Panchakarma. The principal carrier is Magneto therapy. To this I supplement the prowess of medical astrology, Vaastu and numerology. (This is the main reason each and every minor details are necessary to arrive at a comprehensive CeNoMeD treatment).

The function of our treatment method is not just to clear the scales from the superficial skin, for which you can use any local application regularly and keep the skin cleared from the scales for few days or months. Our objective is to cleanse and insulate the system or our body to get rid of Psoriasis permanently. Due to cleansing of impurities from the blood in circulation, the by product of this treatment is a also a prevention of other blood impurity related diseases like Psoriatic arthritis, debility and other auto immune diseases.

I named the entire procedure; follow up, treatment after my institute as CeNoMeD Therapy. Almost each and every person responds to this CeNoMeD therapy. In this therapy I have about 95% success rate in treating Psoriasis and even a large rate of success in treating joint pains. The CeNoMeD therapy is totally natural, safe, organic, effective and affordable. The only problem is that it takes a good lot of time to the extent of 6 months sometimes. In about 80% cases, the scales vanish in the first two to three weeks itself leaving only the scar in red colour. This will take at least 5-6 months to mix in the actual shade of the skin.

I strongly believe that this could be the best therapy, as it does not involve any sort of inorganic formulations, chemicals, electrical stimulation and controlled radiations. The patient can take the treatment in his / her home with the help of his / her family members. Since an online consultancy is available, the treatment becomes much easier.

Though a large scope of research is in the offering, the practical limitations have led me to venture to this stage only. If this CeNoMeD therapy could come to the access of all psoriatics, I feel my life is fruitful.

Any one who wishes to know more about this can contact me directly or send a mail to and you will get an auto reply with all the details. Please visit our website also.

Source by Kadimi Kumar

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