Knowing Arthritis – Health Book Review

Arthritis is quite a debilitating problem and it stops people from doing what they love to do most. Let’s face it humans have a lot of dexterity, and when they cannot use their hands and feet, or have pain during normal movement it’s hard for them to enjoy life. It’s important to understand what arthritis is and how it affects us, or our loved ones. Everyone should learn more about this, as one in six people in our country are affected.

This means you know someone who’s very close to you that has an arthritis situation which prevents them from being all they can be. If you’d like to learn more about this topic, and I hope you will, because everyone out there should then there’s a very good book I’d like to recommend that you read and then pass on the information you learn to your friends and family.

This is a book that I have in my library and although I don’t suffer from arthritis and I thank my lucky stars for that, I do know people who do, and I know you do too. Please consider getting this book;

“Guide to Independent Living for People with Arthritis” By the Arthritis Foundation 1988.

There are 100 types of arthritis and each person is affected differently, and did you know that in 1988; 37 million people had arthritis and 165,000 of them were children. You might wish to go to the Arthritis Foundation website and see how staggering the numbers are today. The book also has very good advice for people that suffer from arthritis such as; it’s very important to have good shoes, posture is paramount, and your diet matters more than anything.

In fact, the book was very easy to understand, packed with information, and good solid advice to help our citizens deal with this debilitating problem. Indeed, I hope you will please consider this.

Source by Lance Winslow

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