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Exercise Prevents Premature Death of Arthritis

If you pay attention to the latest health findings, you already know that an inactive lifestyle and low fitness, two traits that characterize many people with arthritis, increase a person’s chances of developing several potentially fatal chronic disease, including coronary artery disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and possibly strokes and cancer. As you may also […]

MBST Therapy

Some of the most chronic conditions that we get include Osteoarthritis and Osteoporosis. These are degenerative conditions, one affects the bones and the other the joints. Current treatments focus on pain management but there is an alternative. MBST therapy or magnetic resonance therapy uses the therapeutic effects of magnetic fields. It was discovered that patients […]

Herbal Pain Relief Oil – A Proven Way To Get Relief From Joint Pains

Are you struggling from joint pains -Why? There are so many solutions to this problem available in the market. In case, you don’t have full faith on allopathic medicines then don’t need to worry herbal medicines also have proven solutions to this problem. Herbal medicines have the solution of almost all your problems, but the […]

Say Goodbye Forever to the Joint Pains! Hello to the Pain-Free Life

A holistic approach to heal the patients suffering from joint pains, headaches and body ache chiropractic treatments are becoming famous worldwide. Overall functions of body increase with the help of chiropractic treatment. Despite this, there are many myths created about this practice and the doctors who in turn are not only good chiropractors but also […]

Try Feldenkrais For Osteoarthritis Relief Now

Osteoarthritis is also known as degenerative arthritis or degenerative joint disease. It is a mechanical problem involving the wearing of joints, including the destruction of cartilage and bone. Symptoms include joint pain and tenderness, stiffness, locking, and sometimes swelling. A variety of causes, including genetic, metabolic, and mechanical, may begin the process of bone destruction. […]

How To Avoid Carpal Tunnel Pain From Typing

Can typing or keyboarding cause carpal tunnel pain? Sure it can. It all depends on how you hold yourself when you are working at the keyboard. If you type with your wrists bent UP or DOWN the muscles in your forearms get aggravated. That means you should type with your arms and hands in a […]

Benefits Of Magnetic Bracelets

Magnet bracelets and magnetic therapy have been reported to work by the magnet creating a very, small, electrical current. The current is created by the connection of dissimilar poles of the magnet, one being the positive pole, and other the negative pole. This is known as the “Polarity Agent Effect”. This Polarity Effect heightens blood […]

Natural Home Remedies For Ovarian Cysts – Enzymes and Evening Primrose Oil

Natural home remedies for ovarian cysts have two top contenders; proteolytic enzymes and evening primrose oil. Both have excellent track records for helping with this condition. Proteolytic Enzymes break down proteins that are damaged, attached to a dead organism, or do not belong in the body. That’s a very simplified way of looking at it, […]

Does Magnotherapy Work? Myths About Magnetic Therapy

Ever tried one of those magnetic bangles? Or a strap for your arm, or shoe insoles, or even a whole mattress cover loaded with little magnets? Did they do anything for you? It’s amazing how easily gullible people can be taken in by a slick-talking salesman, or a marketing campaign, isn’t it? Or – on […]

Arthritis And Turmeric, A Different Approach – Part 2

Arthritis… A Different Approach Part 2 In addition to the less conventional therapies, such as the amazing effectiveness of the Indian cooking spice, Turmeric, which we previously discussed in part 1, some remarkable strides forward have been made using stem cells taken from our bodies. This, of course, gets over the problem of our bodies […]

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