Health Benefits of Finger Millet(Ragi) for Coronavirus

Finger millet(ragi) is a whole grain higher in protein and minerals in comparison with all other cereals and millets.

It has the highest amount of calcium (344 mg%) and potassium (408 mg%).

Based on our daily needs we need a food product rich in calcium and ragi is the best source of calcium.

It has the following benefits.

The potassium found in millet can help keep your kidneys and heart functioning properly.

Millet is a excellent source of b vitamins, which play a role from brain function to healthy cell division.

It is a good source of iron so people with low hemoglobin levels if they consume finger millet regularly then will have more blood supply in the body.

It is the richest source of calcium among the plant foods.finger millet helps bone problems and could reduce risk of fractures.

Ragi contains amino acid tryptophan which reduces appetite.

It contains amino acids lecithin and methionine which helps to reduce cholesterol levels by eliminating excess fat from the liver.

Millet is rich source of iron and sprouted finger millet contains vitamin c which again helps in absorption of iron to cure anemia.

Based on research finger millet diet are good for diabetes patients as they lower the ability to increase blood sugar level.

Ragi also treats anxiety,depression,migraine and insomnia.

Ragi contains amino acid valine which facilitates metabolism and repair of body tissues.

There is a article which states

Vitamin D deficiency and low serum calcium as predictors of poor prognosis in patients with severe covid -19.

100 gm of ragi contains 344mg calcium.

Calcium prevents osteoporosis.

Ragi is a very natural source of Vitamin D which is mostly derived from sunlight.

Now deficiency of Vitamin D results in covid the following article

of Vitamin D deficiency among patients with covid-19:case series and recent literature review gives us more information.

Eating prebiotics like the fiber in millet supports gut health and decreases risk of colon cancer.

It is rich in niacin which plays an important role in more than 400 enzyme reactions.niacin is important to maintain health of our skin, blood and organs.

Overall the health benefits of finger millet is very effective against the coronavirus which has many different types of strains across many countries and finger millet can be a alternative source of improving immunity against coronavirus

Source by Kavidha Krishnamoorthi

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