Top 3 Bracelet Clasps Designs

Bracelet clasps are one of the very important jewelry findings that need special attention. They are one of those functional elements that have a big role to play in any bracelet design. It is what makes the ends of your bracelet meet and keeps it intact on your wrist. You not only need to consider the style, comfort and quality when choosing clasps for bracelets, but also need to make sure that they are easy to open and close. There can be times when a very beautiful looking bracelet has a clasp that is fragile or is quite difficult to open and close – it can make the whole point of buying such a jewelry piece pointless.

If you are into jewelry designing and love making bracelets, you must make it a point to choose the clasps wisely. The quality and type of clasps that you use can certainly make a difference. There are a variety of bracelet clasps designs that are available to use in various jewelry designs, like the spring ring clasp, lobster claw clasp, toggle clasps, box clasps, magnetic clasps, screw clasps, etc. When choosing the type of clasp for your bracelet designs, you have to consider various factors like the types of beads you are using, the kind of design you have in mind, whether the bracelet is designed for kids or adults, how heavy the bracelet would be, whether to use a decorative clasp or a simple one, etc. To help you choose the best clasps for your bracelet designs, we will talk about the 3 most popular type of clasps used in bracelets. They are discussed below:

Spring Ring Clasps:

This is a very commonly used type of clasp in jewelry design. Typically, this type of clasp opens when a little lever in a small circular ring is pushed backwards. When it opens, the other end of the bracelet, which can be a loop or a chain, is inserted and the lever is released to snap shut. Such types of clasp use a spring mechanism for the opening and shutting process. They are quite sturdy and easy to handle and hence they are quite popular.

Lobster Claw Clasp:

Just as the name signifies, this type of clasp looks like the claw of a lobster, but they are highly customizable to suit the need of a particular piece of jewelry. They are quite easy to open and close. This type of clasp has a tiny spring in its mechanism, which helps to keep it closed until you push the lever to open it.

Toggle Clasps:

These are widely used in fashionable bracelets and come in a variety of designs. Toggle clasps generally come in two pieces, each of which is attached to one end of a bracelet. Typically, one section of the clasp is a circular ring or similar. The other half is comprised of a T shaped bar that needs to be inserted through the ring and thus secure the bracelet in place. These types of clasps are not as strong as the spring and lobster claw clasps but, since they come in numerous sizes and designs, they are widely used in designing stylish bracelets.

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